Living in Bernardsville 

This small and affluent North Jersey community sits comfortably in Somerset County, a quiet retreat from the action of nearby Manhattan.  The charm of Bernardsville extends to its bustling downtown district winding along Route 202 and offers shops, services, boutiques, a movie theatre and some truly magnificent restaurants.   A low-key way of life is prized but Manhattan (less than an hour away) provides a link to the sights, sounds, shows and shopping of the big city.

The Heritage at Claremont is majestically situated on two professionally landscaped acres in a quiet Bernardsville neighborhood, just blocks from the charming and vibrant town center. Mature trees, specimen shrubs, lush gardens and strolling paths surround the residences and offer a peaceful estate-like enclave.   It offers easy access to excellent public and private schools, championship golf courses, equestrian facilities and destination restaurants.  It is within an easy commute to New York City, Newark Liberty Airport and all the major highways. 

Bernardsville boasts a storied history.  It was here that General Lee rested his troops in December of 1776 immediately before being captured by the British.  In the 19thcentury, the presence of the Gladstone Branch railroad shaped the development of the entire region.  The Olcott Avenue Historic District, recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, showcases the remarkable neighborhood of the same name.  

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Basking Ridge in Bernards Township

Basking Ridge in Bernards Township has retained its small-town charm for over 200 years. Most of the shops, restaurants, and services along tree-lined South Finley Avenue are located in historic 19th-century houses. In fact, the downtown area has so much history that it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.

The town has two commuter train stations to New York City making it an ideal suburban town. Pleasant Valley Park, built with Lady Byrd Johnson’s Green Acres funding, provides a wonderful community pool, recreation fields and outdoor amphitheatre. Basking Ridge is home to The Somerset Hills YMCA and Wellness Center.

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Bedminster Township in northern Somerset County consists of 26 square miles of charming hamlets with antique homes, expansive equestrian estates, lavish townhouses, and rolling farmland in the heart of Somerset County’s legendary hunt country. This quiet area experienced unprecedented growth during the 1980s when The Hills, a master planned community east of Route 287, opened its doors and the population soared from 2,500 to 8,000-plus residents today. Yet much the township retains its peaceful feeling; many unpaved lanes are ideal for bicyclists, horseback riders, hikers, and dog walkers.

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Chester Borough

The Borough of Chester is located in southwestern Morris County, at the intersection of State Highway 24 and U.S. Highway 206. The Borough enjoys a flourishing commercial area while most of the land area in the 1.45 square miles of the community is devoted to single family housing. Chester itself was established as a separate political entity in 1799, at which time "Chester" meant the area of both the Township and the downtown Village area which came to be the Borough. The Borough of Chester was incorporated in 1930, and is today a separate municipality surrounded by Chester Township.

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Chester Township 

Chester Township, thanks in large part to the mission of its first Planning Board in the late 1950's, has become a premier open space repository, setting aside over one-third of its thirty square miles in public ownership. The Borough and the Township, while separate communities, continue to enjoy a close relationship and share schools, fire protection, first aid squad, athletic programs, a community pool, and service clubs. A few active farms attract local residents and visitors to purchase their wares. Chester Township remains an attractive community offering a "country" atmosphere together with good schools, excellent services, a downtown village business area, large parks, recreational facilities, and easy access to cultural centers.

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Far Hills 

Far Hills encompasses five square miles in Somerset County. It shares a public library, a community pool, athletic programs, civic organizations and a school system with Bernardsville. It also shares a fire department and first aid squad with neighboring Bedminster. Far Hills maintains the characteristic of its community through 10-acre (40,000 sq. meter) minimum zoning laws. Large private properties and homes surround the small village center which was the creation of a wealthy New York businessman in the late 1800s. The beginning of rail service to nearby Bernardsville in 1870 opened the area to city people seeking a respite from the heat and hurry of urban life.

Anticipating the demand for country properties was Evander H. Schley, a land developer and real estate broker from New York State. He bought several thousand acres of farmland, some of it sight unseen, in Bedminster and Bernards townships in the 1880s. One day in 1887, Schley’s brother, Grant and his wife Elizabeth, arrived by horse-drawn carriage to see Evander's farms. Elizabeth is said to have remarked on the beautiful vista of the "far hills", thus giving the name to this lovely town before a village was built.

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Harding Township and New Vernon

Established in 1922, Harding Township was named for then-President Warren G. Harding. Its location 45 minutes from New York City belies the pastoral scenery; where horses, sheep, and cows graze in meadows and open fields. There are about 50 miles of bridle trails winding throughout Harding Township, which are maintained by the Harding Township/Green Village Bridle Path Association. This atmosphere is ensured for future generations since 40% of the township is protected open space.

New Vernon and Green Village are two sections of Harding, in southeastern Morris County.

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The Mendhams

Mendham Township and the smaller Mendham Borough are commonly referred to as Mendham. The township was founded in 1749 and measures about 18 square miles. The borough was created from a six square mile portion of the township in 1906. Both have a truly New England feel, with vintage homes, small farms and a charming village center sharing their beautiful surroundings.

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Located just ten minutes away, the town of Morristown played a crucial role in American history and the founding of the nation during the Revolutionary War. Those moments in history also helped shaped the town residents know and love today. Historic homes, parks, sites, and buildings make up most of the area, providing a picturesque backdrop against which the town's residents can live, work, and play.

There are also many modern ways to have a good time. The town is home to multiple restaurants, ranging from old-world Italian cuisine to comfort food straight from the farm. There are several places to shop in the community, ranging from the small shops located around the central Green to the nearby upscale Mall at Short Hills. Many parks, museums, golf courses, and theaters are located in and around Morristown, as well.

Morristown is also home to the famous Mayo Performing Arts Center. It is a wonderful place to catch a Broadway musical, a popular music tour, or a stand-up comedy special, as well as other performances.

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The Borough of Peapack Gladstone, consisting of two villages joined in 1912, was originally part of Bedminster Township. It is home to slightly more than 2,580 residents and is a leafy green, historic town nestled in a quiet eddy of the beautiful hills of northern Somerset County. It is blessed with historic homes, spectacular vistas and pristine trout streams. It has retained its small town environment and rural atmosphere, continuing its very successful efforts to preserve magnificent open spaces, farms and wooded hills. It is within easy access to New York City by rail and major highways, and is a highly desirable residential community.

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